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Shopify Custom App Development

Online retailers shouldn't have to adapt their businesses to fit out-of-the-box software solutions.

Bluedge has collaborated and partnered with several merchants to build bespoke Shopify apps. What's your challenge? We're here for it.

Shopify Custom App Development
Shopify Custom App Development

What Does 'Shopify Custom App Development' Mean?

An app enhances the way a software platform works by plugging into the platform through an API.

What is a Shopify Custom App?

Shopify's app store includes numerous plug-and-play apps for product search, store management, marketing and conversion management, and more. However, these apps have limitations: They're built to serve the needs of many, not to serve your business needs. The needs of an online clothing store, for example, differ from an automobile parts supplier, which differs from a pet food retailer, which differs from a custom window covering company, and so on.

Shopify custom app development means just what it implies: A software application built within the Shopify environment that's designed to solve a unique problem, improve Shopify's performance, or enhance your customers' experience with your brand.

Inventory management, wholesale, customer relationship management, content management, and other software applications should not be a barrier to sales and growth. BluedgeUSA can handle any complexity you send our way, no problem.

Benefits of Shopify Custom App Development

For many ecommerce sites, Shopify's apps aren't as robust or nimble as they'd like. A custom app bridges the gap between the alphabet soup of online retail apps: POS, CRM, CMS and ERP.

Fully integrated Shopify solutions...

  • Tailored to match your unique needs
  • Integrate with existing systems (POS, CRM, ERP, etc.)
  • Deliver 100% brand-specific, customized online shopping experience ("It doesn't feel like a Shopify site")
  • Offer greater control over your ecommerce backend
  • Automate and enhance data (backend and frontend)
  • Simplify and streamline your customer journeys
  • Decrease high-touch customer service and increase in self-service support
  • Provide real-time data on inventory, product performance, trending products and other KPIs
  • ...while improving page load speed and search results!

Need more details? Explore Bluedge's client stories.

How to Create an App for Shopify: The Bluedge Process

Just like there's no one-size-fits-all solution for ecommerce, there's no single answer to our custom app creation process. Each client is unique, but for every project we follow the same three basic phases: listen, plan, execute.


Discover & Listen

We immerse ourselves in your business, to understand your entire supply chain. What are your high-priority products? What are your lowest-margin and highest-margin products? What happens post-purchase? Most importantly: What is working well with Shopify, and what are your pain points? We ask a lot of questions.



We brainstorm solutions and communicate the plan. Your team can be as involved as much or as little as you'd like with your Bluedge Shopify app builder team. We map potential solutions, ask “what if” questions, and create a roadmap, timeline, and failsafe strategy for Phase 3. We set realistic expectations, which we seek to exceed.


Execute & Support

Our team develops a bespoke Shopify app to match your unique Shopify store needs, by testing and adjusting before the launch. During the implementation process, we are in touch regularly, completing our quality process before delivery. Post launch, we monitor your app and perform quarterly security and Shopify-related updates. We view your partnership with us as a long-term commitment.

Bluedge: Tailored Solutions for Every Client

Why choose Bluedge USA for your custom Shopify app?
6 reasons why Bluedge outperforms the competition:


Our founder and leadership team have decades of experience in brick-and-mortar retail, manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain management, serving in various roles.

Our process

The Bluedge process involves immersion into your organization, so we can provide holistic solutions that improve your bottom line, rather than patch fixes at various weak points.

Reporting & automation

We know how important real-time data is to ecommerce sites. Our solutions include failsafe strategies so you don't lose business, as well as predictive analytics to anticipate shortages before they become outages.

Minimized downtime

Monitoring system, frequent system updates to match security and Shopify evolution.


Your customers' shopping experience should represent your brand, not that of your software platform or POS system.


Bluedge views our client relationships as partnerships, where we meet regularly with you and become part of your team. We can take ownership of your Shopify ecosystem, so you can focus on what you do best.

Your Questions about Custom Shopify App Development, Answered!

We've compiled a list of questions that clients often ask us, but if you'd prefer to skip the FAQs and go straight to a conversation, we're here for that.

While standard Shopify apps have many benefits, they are built to serve many, not one. Shopify public apps often slow down website speed, which, as you know, reduces website traffic and conversion rates. With a custom Shopify app, you set the parameters, design and flow of your customer experience -- with our help, of course. Another often overlooked benefit is that you host your custom-developed app, rather than a developer hosting the plug-in app with unknown quality.

If you've landed on this page, you probably got here because you were searching for “how to make a Shopify app” or something close to that, right? You know that even the best ecommerce platforms have limitations. Tell us what your challenges are, and we'll help you find a solution. Examples of Shopify custom apps include: Advanced Inventory Management, Checkout process customization, B2B-specific customer experience, Online Quote requests, Third party integrations, reporting, and analytics.

As you can imagine, with a custom project, there is no “usual” timeline. We'll be transparent with you up front, so you know what to expect. During the first phase of your project, we will deliver to you a roadmap with an approximate timeline. Keep in mind: We are communicating on a regular basis throughout the process.

Here’s our short answer: Yes. Learn about our Shopify integrations, or get in touch to tell us more about your ecommerce ecosystem.

Our longer answer: Third-party system integration is what Bluedge USA's custom Shopify apps are all about. You might come to us because you want to improve your customers' online experience, but we want to know about your POS, your CMS, your CRM, and the backend tools that support your online business. Our goal is to deliver a well-oiled machine that lowers your operation costs and boosts your margins. Some of the apps that we build custom API integrations for include:

  • These ERPs: Netsuite, Navision, ...
  • These CRMs: Zoho,...
  • These POS systems: Shopify
  • These CMS platforms: WordPress,...
  • PIM: Product Information Managers (Custom)

We view our agency as an external department within your business. We update your app at least four times a year, to keep up to date with Shopify’s API evolution and the latest security updates. Many of our clients have been with us for at least 5 years, and we meet with them weekly, brainstorming on the next steps, and providing app improvement suggestions, security updates, and new features as they grow.

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